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The Tag-popping Team

“Oh no! We still haven’t got Mom anything for her birthday!’ Dad exclaimed. It was two days before one of my favorite celebrations of the year and we hadn’t got any presents yet!

We rushed to the bank and discussed what we get mom for her super special day. We started shopping, and in just a short amount of time we had way to many gifts. Knowing that we had way to many gifts, we still walked into bath and body works.

We began to smell the wonderful scents, and I liked summer breeze and he liked sweet pea. Dun dun duuuuun! “Summer breeze smells so much better!” I said angrilly. “C’mon Audge you know sweet pea is way better!” Dad said calmly. His calmness was making me really mad. We glared at each other knowing hat we were each way to stubborn to give up. So we both  just put them away.

While leaving the store we each caught a whiff of the greatest smell we had ever smelled. It was like a warm summer day, popcicles chilling my tounge. we sniffed it out like bloodhounds until we found their brand new scent “Oahu.”

It was the day of her birthday and she opened up her Oahu set. When she smelled it her eyes lit up like candles on a birthday cake.That day I realized that even though my Dad and I fight, we make a perfect team.

Should Every Kid Get A Trophy?

I don’t think every kid should get a trophy.

Every  kid  getting a trophy  would send a very bad message. The kids who worked hard and won, would get the same reward as the kids who were lazy and lost. Then, all the kids would be lazy because they knew that they would get rewarded no matter what. But once they grew up and applied for a job, when they didn’t get the job or weren’t rewarded they would be shocked when not rewarded for everything they did.

That is what I think about every kid getting a trophy. What do you think?