Yam and other harvest

Massasoit, the Indian chief

Only colony to not have an official charter

Unhealthy amount of food


Help from the Indians

If I were in colonial times and I had the choice I would definitely chose to be with the pilgrims

Well, first of all I’m a girl so I would not be able to be in Jamestown anyway, but I would  still chose  to be with the Pilgrims. I agree with the Pilgrims that a lot of England’s rules are ridiculous. Although it was a tough trip to America, it would be very cool meeting Indians  and having the first Thanksgiving.


Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette

What happened to Henry Hudson is still one of histories many mysteries.

Henry, his son , and seven loyal crewmen were angrily put in a small boat with no oars. The angry crew that put them there sailed back home an reported it.  Although, no one knows what really happened my guess is that since they had no oars and were put in a very cold spot, they could have froze to death or starved to death. If Henry and his crew somehow made oars out of  the wood from the boat they could have made it over  to Canada or America, but they still had a very slim chance of survival.

Should Every Kid Get A Trophy?

I don’t think every kid should get a trophy.

Every  kid  getting a trophy  would send a very bad message. The kids who worked hard and won, would get the same reward as the kids who were lazy and lost. Then, all the kids would be lazy because they knew that they would get rewarded no matter what. But once they grew up and applied for a job, when they didn’t get the job or weren’t rewarded they would be shocked when not rewarded for everything they did.

That is what I think about every kid getting a trophy. What do you think?

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