My Favorite Part

In the fourth grade we are reading the awesome series Paradise Called Texas, and Willow Creek Home.

In about 1845, a family in Germany had a chance to move to Texas for a low price, so Papa, Mama, and Mina set off on the Margaretha, the boat. Along the way they faced many different tragedies, catastraphies , and exitements.

My favorite part of the book is in ch. 19, Mina is merrily riding her horse with her indian friend, Amaya when all the sudden a Comanche captures Mina, so she tries to escape by spitting in his eyes, but just as her hands almost touch the ground he grabs her ankle so she has to go through a river splashing in her face, but finally she grabs a tree and escapes with raw hands and scrapes all over.

The Tale of Three Trees

There are three trees , and they all knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Then they all got very sad when they found out that that’s not what they would be.Soon they found out that they got to hold the greatest treasure in the world.

I loved the book it has always been one of my favorite Christmas books ever. Every time I  read it, it makes me feel like I was in the book. My favorite part is in the end when it shows all of the trees on the hill.

White Snow Bright Snow

The author of this book is… Alvin Tresselt The number of pages is… 33


All of the people in the town could sense that snow was coming.The next day it had snowed! The postman,farmer, and policeman all had to get prepared  for the snow. Eventually  all the snow melted, and they were all happy once it was spring.

Opinion and why

I really liked the book and recommend it  because I  liked that  he used such great adjectives. They also incorporated the five senses really well.


Conserving Water

We  are losing water very quickly. It is a proven fact that if you do not drink water you can die. Water is very valuble for that reason.

The first step to save water is not to use the toilet for trash disposal. It  could clog your toilets. Each flush takes up five gallons!  Next, you can make a compost bin instead  of using a garbage disposal. It can also help your plants grow. You will also save all of the money you would be spending on soil. Finally, you can cover your pool to prevent evaporation loss. You will not have to spend money on filling up your pool time and time again. You could possibly save several hundred dollars a year.

Now do you see how these simple things can save so much water?  If  we do not conserve our water there might not be enough for further genorations.

The Best Gift

The best gift i’ve ever given was a massage. I gave this massage to my mom because it was around her birthday, and I decided that since I couldn’t  buy her a gift I could give her a gift that she would remember. I felt so proud of myself after I gave her the massage because she liked it a lot,but I can’t take all the blame because my little brother helped me out a little. That was the best gift I’ve ever given.

Row your site

My favorite animal is a Narwhal whale but they have many different names like the unicorn whale, the corpse whale, and of course the Narwhal whale. They live in arctic seas and they have a thick layer of fat to keep them warm. My favorite thing about a Narwhal is their tusks.Information and  picture  found  at

All About Me

Hi, my name is Audrey Morgan Smith. I was born on the hot summer day of August 5,2002. I have a family of 5 my Mom Stefani, My Dad Jeb,my big brother Wyatt who’s 12, and my little brother Mac who’s 3. I love to dance and i’m freakishly flexible in my back and double jointed almost everywere.I am on a competitive dance team and we go to Grapevine, Tyler, and Keller. When I grow up I grow up I would like to be a docter of some sort or an orthodonist. thats me.

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