2013 and 2014

2013 has come to an end and I can’t believe it! I did so much in what  seemed like so little time!

2013 was a great year with many good and bad moments. One thing great that happened was getting back my Star grades. I was so nervous the day we got our grades back. I was shaking nervously  as my teacher handed me my paper, but as soon as I looked at my grades the nerves melted away like butter, and I couldn’t contain my excitement. Commended on all three tests! I was elated!  Another great moment of 2013 was my birthday. I woke up that morning feeling older and more mature. I went into the living room and my mom and I talked about how we could not believe that I was 11 already. Later we went over to my grandma’s house and swam and opened presents, and I had a great birthday. 2013 was also filled with not so great moments. My little brother and I were playing tag around the house. [never a good idea] I was running and there was a door halfway closed so I slammed it opened and and when I did, it hit the couch, bounced off , and hit my brother smack in the face! I heard his scream and I immediately  ran back him to find him gushing blood out of his eyebrow! My parents rushed him to the emergency room and founds out that he had to get stitches for the very first time!

   I also have many goals for 2014. Of coarse I want to pass fifth grade this year. A major goal I have this year is to be a lot more respectful to my parents. I get in a ton of fights with my older brother and I would really like to stop doing that. I would also like to do more algebra and read the rest of the” Left Behind” series.

  2013 was filled with ups and downs but all together it was a great year and I hope for another great one to come.

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